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The Amazing Effect of Personalized Gifts

Nothing says ‘You’re special' better than a thoughtful unique gift that we created especially for that person. Take some time and add a personal touch to your gift that will remind them of you and of how much they mean to you.
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Why We Lose Our Wallets: How Our Memory Works

Spatial memory stores information about your surroundings and about the constant small changes within it. Because your wallet moves around when you do, your spatial memory plays a big role in remembering where you left your wallet.
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Lost Your Wallet? Here's What You Need To Do

Would you return a lost wallet? If you’ve ever reached into your pocket, only to find your wallet isn’t there, you’re not the only one. Wallets are one of the 5 five items we lose, so here’s a few helpful tips on how to find a lost wallet.
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Chipolo Collaboration: Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker

Chipolo was created to help you find your missing or lost keys and Orbitkey was created to help you manage noisy pockets, cluttered bags, and messy keys. Bringing the two together to create an all-in-one solution for your key problems was the natural next step, so that’s what we did!
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