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I lost a suitcase with 20 Chipolos in it!

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We always say the Chipolo team are the biggest losers and we sure love to prove it too! This time it was David’s turn and he added a special twist to his lost & found story – he lost a suitcase full of Chipolos, but none of them were connected to his phone!

Usually I am also pretty organized and I rarely lose my stuff. But it happens to the best of us as well😆 So I decided to share a story with you.

It was the 25th of January and my first time going to the Ambiente fair. I've never been to Frankfurt and I needed to figure out how to get from the airport to the hotel on the go. Everything went smoothly and after about an hour on the train I got off at the right station. As soon as the train zoomed to the next station, I realized I left my suitcase on the train🤦🏼‍♂️

I did have about 20 Chipolos in it, but they were all for the fair so not a single one was connected to my phone! 😳

The next day I had to go back and forth with the Lost&Found office countless times, just to find out that they do not have my suitcase yet. So my next stop needed to be a shopping mall (one day in my sweats at the tradeshow was unprofessional enough😆). 30 minutes later and I had everything I needed to get me through the weekend.

On Monday things were so exciting at the booth, that I totally forgot to call the Lost&Found office again. At 17:30 (the office closes at 18:00) I rushed to personally visit the office even though when I called, they insisted that they did not have my suitcase... but it was quickly found when I went there personally🙌

The lady in the office asked if I have any documents in the suitcase to confirm it was mine, but I just told her to open it and she’ll see, there’s not a lot of people travelling with a suitcase full of Chipolos 😁

David, sales manager at Chipolo

Chipolo lost and found story in Frankfurt 1 Chipolo lost and found story in Frankfurt 1

How different would my trade show be, if I had put one of these in the suitcase?

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