Find Your Phone

Use your Chipolo or the Chipolo web app to find your phone when it’s misplaced, lost or even stolen.

Find With Chipolo

Double press any of your Chipolos to make your phone ring when it’s connected. Even if your phone’s on silent.

Find It From The Web

If your phone goes missing or gets stolen,
the Chipolo web app can help you find it.
Just sign in using a browser and send
a message to your lock screen or
locate your phone or tablet on a map.

Ring your phone

from the web when you’re looking for itat home. The phone will ring evenif it’s on silent.

Send a message

with your contact info that willappear on the phone’s lockedscreen. Whoever finds your phonewill be able to contact you.

Share Your Phone With Friends

Create your private search community
with your friends and family.
Download the Chipolo app to your
mobile devices and share your phones
through the app to help each other
find your phones.

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