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Husband was constantly leaving his wallet at home, this fixed it!

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I bought this primarily bc my husband would often drive off without his wallet. He would get to the store, at chekout, and have the audacity to have me call out the credit card number so he coud pay. In this day and age that is scary!

So, I researched what to get that would be a reminder so if he left the house he would be notified. Granted, alerts come on your phone, and he has forgotten his phone, as well, but at least this works on the wallet, and I got a bundle so we could have two on our key fobs. It has worked remarkably well! By the time he gets to the end of our street the little alarm goes off to notify him that it was left behind.

I like that it slides down in the wallet and is hidden and that we don't have to pay for a subscription. Other companies require a subscription to alert you if you leave something behind. So far so good. We have had them for about a month and they have already saved his bacon a couple of times. It is nice if you leave your keys/fob somewhere that you can locate it with your phone. If you or someone you love has ADHD, and loses and leaves things behind, this is a lifesaver.


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