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New Chipolo Classic – A Complete Makeover

The Chipolo Classic is back, now in color and better than ever! Revamped both outside and inside it now guarantees a completely different experience and will without a doubt quickly become an integral part of your daily routine.
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How to Avoid the Dreadful F: Forgetfulness

Whether you’re a busy mom or newly independent college student – people of all ages are vulnerable to forgetfulness. One Chipolo user shared her story of how her Chipolo helped her make it to her final exam on time!
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New Chipolo Plus is here!

Our most popular smart tracker just got smarter and even more colorful. Chipolo is proud to present the 2nd generation of Chipolo Plus with longer battery life and in amazing new vibrant colors.
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Life in color - Blue

Because of its worldwide popularity and long-standing as different symbols in society (the origins can be traced back to even before Ancient Egypt), its meanings are more varied and complex than any other color’s.
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