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Jingle All The Way To Your Keys

There are few things more stressful than trying to find your misplaced keys or wallet right when you need them most. With the new ringtones, Chipolo will not only help you find your misplaced belongings but also help you relax while you do it - in a very festive way!
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Do Less in 2018

In about a week, everyone, including our planet, will be making a fresh start so join in and make next year about yourself. This year, we propose a challenge – pose yourself a new set of questions, ones aimed at checking if there is anything less that you could have done, to make yourself feel better.
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How to avoid the December loss

It has been proven that stress and multitasking exacerbate our propensity to misplace or lose items. In a fast-paced world, there's not really a lot you can do to avoid that. But you can still avoid the loss, especially if you own a Bluetooth Tracker.
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5 Simple Steps to Finding the Perfect Gift

‘Oh, I don’t need anything.’ The dreaded words we’ve all heard before. It’s always nice to hear that your loved ones already have everything they need, but for anyone with no idea what to get them for the holidays, their content can present a challenge.
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The Amazing Effect of Personalized Gifts

A gift is always an event in itself because it gives us a chance to let someone know how we feel about them. No matter the occasion, gift giving should not be something we do just because we have to, it should come from the heart and reflect our relationship with the receiver.
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