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Bluetooth Key Tracker Grande

5 Things To Check When Buying A Bluetooth Tracker

You’re always looking for your keys and have decided enough is enough. You need a Bluetooth tracker. But which one?

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Bluetooth Trackers: How It Works

How many times a week do you look for your lost keys, wallet or phone? Well, it turns out there’s a simple and affordable solution to the problem. It’s called a...

Channge Chipolo Ringtone 3 featured

Chipolo Ringtones: Change The Ringtone On Your Chipolo

Chipolo comes with 6 custom ringtones that you can set up instead of the default one, to ensure people of different ages and hearing ranges can hear their Chipolos too.

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Chipolo Selfie: Use Your Chipolo To Take The Perfect...

Did you know that your Chipolo can be a wireless selfie stick too? It’s perfect for group selfies and nobody needs to be missing because they had to take the pic.

Get Organized With Your Smartphone Featured Grande

Get organized with your smartphone: 6 quick and easy...

If your smartphone can remember all the phone numbers and texts and emails and high scores and photos you take, why not give it a few extra tasks to keep in mind...

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5 Gift Ideas for Millennials: Affordable and Easy to...

What small smart gift can you get for a Millennial? We have a few ideas that are not only colourful and original – they all come under 35 euros, so you won’t have to...