Premium corporate and promotional gifts

Why Chipolo?


with your clients and build up your business relationships with a branded corporate gift they will use daily to help them find their keys, wallet and phone.


your brand to new business partners, say thank you to your loyal clients or welcome new team members.


from your competitors with a premium custom business gift that will fit into any pocket.

Custom Prints

We print your logo or any other graphic associated with your brand or company with a high quality UV print.

Make it even more visible

Choose between our standard packaging or a custom branded sleeve.

MOQ: 100 pcs

Premium customization options for Chipolo ONE & CARD

Special transparent Chipolo ONE packaging, custom color, custom melody and even a custom color for your favorite Chipolo.

Premium promo packaging for Chipolo ONE

Chipolo ONE available in premium promotional packaging that displays your logo through the box.

Customize the Chipolo app

Make your customers think of you every time they look for their keys. Add your logo in the Chipolo app or use your own ringtone on the Chipolo finder.

Custom premium packaging

Choose between our regular packaging, a custom sleeve with your very own design, or a bespoke packaging alternative.

MOQ: 5000 pcs

Custom color

Have a specific color in mind? We can match your brand color to make you stand out!

MOQ: 5000 pcs

Chipolo ONE & CARD

Feature rich and colorful choice

For Android and iPhone

Chipolo ONE

These colorful item finders connect to the Chipolo app and help your customer, business partners or employees find their keys, phone or backpack in seconds. When the item is not around to ring it, they can always check the app to see when and where they last had it with them.

With the help of a replaceable battery (CR 2032) it boasts a loud sound so you can hear your items easily.

Available in six attractive colors:

Chipolo ONE Black Mercedes
Chipolo ONE White Google
Chipolo ONE Yellow Nikon
Chipolo ONE Red Santander
Chipolo ONE Blue Airfrance
Chipolo ONE Green N Hhotels

Chipolo CARD

Chipolo CARD is the thinnest Chipolo that works on both Android and iOS. It is perfect for finding the wallet, passport pouch or TV remote control in seconds.

Use the app to ring your misplaced item or double click on Chipolo to find your phone.

Make sure you are the one that helped them find their wallet, notebook or keys. You can save the day!

Available in white

Card Back Hilton Scale

ONE Spot & CARD Spot

Works with the Apple Find My app

For iPhones and iPads

Chipolo ONE Spot

Add Chipolo ONE Spot to the Apple Find My app and hundreds of millions of friends in the Find My network will help you find your missing keys. When your keys are hiding nearby, play a very loud sound to locate them.

Get a notification when you accidentally leave your keys behind or when the Apple Find My network locates your missing item.

Available in almost black

Chipolo ONE Black Mercedes

Chipolo CARD Spot

Add Chipolo CARD Spot to the Apple Find My app and hundreds of millions of friends in the Find My network will help you find your missing wallet. When your wallet is hiding nearby, play a very loud sound to locate it.

Chipolo CARD Spot is so thin it fits perfectly into any wallet.

Available in almost black

CARD Spot Back Airfrance Scale 3

We are proud to work with

  • Santander
  • Lufthansa
  • Mercedez Benz
  • Airfrance
  • DHL
  • HP
  • Bentley
  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Oracle
  • NH Hotels
  • Deloitte
  • Bosch

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“Chipolo offers for free what the competition charges a premium subscription for.”

“Instead of arriving at work to realize you had forgotten your item, you will receive the notification to return home to retrieve the item. Personally, that feature was the most beneficial of them all.”

“So what makes Chipolo ONE different than other item trackers? The main thing is that all the features are included in the purchase price.”

“Finding lost bags, phones and wallets doesn't need to be a time-consuming chore.”

“Chipolo One’s out-of-range alerts work like a charm.”

“The Chipolo One's alarm is even louder, at 120 decibels. I could hear it from two rooms away, even when I buried the Chipolo One in a pile of laundry.”