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Omni Fob and Chipolo featured

OmniFob - universal IoT remote fob, powered by Chipolo

The World's First All-In-One IoT Remote for Smart Home and Connected Car Plus Built-In Bluetooth Locator powered by Chipolo

Chipolo keyfinder features featured

13 Features Of The Chipolo Bluetooth Finder

Chipolo’s Bluetooth tracking tags are best known for 2 main features: Helping you find your keys & helping you find your phone. But that’s not all a Chipolo can do!

Find my phone with Chipolo featured

3 Tips For Finding Your Lost Phone

Your phone goes wherever you go, so it’s no wonder it gets lost or misplaced so often. There are plenty of ways to quickly find your missing phone, either with the...

Chipolo Siri Voice Shortcuts

Use Siri Shortcuts To Ring Your Chipolo

Chipolo has a new feature! On iOS 12 you can now use Siri to find or ring your Chipolo handsfree. Just set the shortcut up like any other Siri Shortcut, through the...

Different Chipolo Bluetooth Trackers Featured

Different Chipolo Bluetooth Trackers

Do you need a Bluetooth tracker, but don’t know which one to get? Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Chipolo models:

Chipolo key finder voice assistant 2

Chipolo With Voice Control On Google Assistant and...

Chipolo can help you find your lost keys or wallet with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. You can also use Chipolo voice control on your phone with a...