Easy new way to find your wallet with your iPhone

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If you’re worried about losing your wallet, here’s what you can do:

Add a Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder to it!

Chipolo card spot find my wallet tracker Chipolo card spot find my wallet tracker

Finding your lost wallet has never been easier

All you need is an iPhone.

The Chipolo CARD Spot can help you find your wallet when it’s misplaced around your home or if it ever gets truly lost.

It will even alert you if you ever leave it behind!

Find your wallet near

Use the Play Sound feature in the Find My app and make your Chipolo CARD Spot ring. The wallet tracker has a loud, 105 dB sound you’ll have no problem hearing from inside your wallet.

Chipolo card spot find my wallet finder Chipolo card spot find my wallet finder

You can also check its last known location on a map in the Find My app to see where your lost wallet could be hiding.

Find your wallet far

If your wallet ever gets lost, you can ask the Apple Find My network to help you find it.

The network includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use secure Bluetooth technology to detect lost items and notify the owner about their new location.

Worried about your privacy? The entire process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous.

You’ll even get notified if there’s a Chipolo CARD Spot nearby for a while, and it doesn’t belong to you.

Chipolo spot bluetooth tracker find my app Chipolo spot bluetooth tracker find my app

The Apple Find My app offers 2 features to help you find your lost wallet - the Notify When Found feature and Lost Mode.

When you enable Notify When Found, you’ll get a notification when your missing wallet is found by another Apple user in the Find My network.

When you Turn on Lost Mode, you can display a custom message and a phone number or email address to the finder of your wallet.

How? Just put the info you want to display in the Find My app and the person who found it will be able to see it on

How does Chipolo CARD Spot work?

The Chipolo CARD Spot is a flat, credit card-shaped Bluetooth finder that you can add to the Find My app on your iPhone in a few simple steps. Just open the Find My app and follow the instructions.

When your iPhone and the CARD Spot are connected, just slip the wallet finder in your wallet and use the features in the Find My app when it gets misplaced or lost.

Chipolo card spot find my lost wallet Chipolo card spot find my lost wallet

The Chipolo CARD Spot is shaped like a credit card and about the same thickness as a standard coin, so you will have no trouble putting it into even the thinnest credit card wallet.

It uses a custom battery to keep the Bluetooth tracker as thin as possible, so it cannot be replaced. You can sign up for the Renew & Recycle program at Chipolo that will send you an automated email with a notification that your battery is about to run out, along with a 50% discount on your next Chipolo CARD Spot.

Find out more about the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet tracker

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Chipolo CARD Spot

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  • Almost black

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