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The thinnest Bluetooth
wallet finder.

Put Chipolo CARD in your wallet and use Chipolo wallet finder app to locate it by sound or on a map. Never lose track of your wallet again.
Chipolo wallet tracker with location display on a map

Can’t find your wallet?

Chipolo is a perfect tracking device for your wallet because it enables you to find lost wallet with your phone. So next time you're searching for it in your backpack, just ring it with your phone.

Find with Chipolo features


your item with the Chipolo app or double click Chipolo to ring your phone.


your item to where you had it last via the Chipolo app.

Be alerted

if you leave without your keys, wallet or other item.

Chipolo wallet tracker for Android phones and iPhones

What makes Chipolo
the world’s most advanced
Bluetooth item finder?

It is the fastest way to find anything. When you attach Chipolo to an item (like your wallet), you always know where it is. So when your item gets lost, you have the power of finding in your hands.
Chipolo CARD Wallet Tracker

Chipolo CARD

For your wallet

The thinnest Chipolo, perfect for finding your wallet, passport pouch or remote control in seconds. Use the app to ring your misplaced item or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. Let Chipolo take care of your belongings and find your peace of mind.

  • Chipolo CARD Wallet Tracker
  • Adding Chipolo CARD wallet finder to a wallet
  • Displaying how thin Chipolo CARD is by holding it between fingers
  • Adding Chipolo CARD to a passport holder
  • Attaching Chipolo CARD tv remote finder to a remote control
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the Chipolo CARD wallet finder?

The Chipolo CARD is a credit-card thin wallet tracker that connects to the regularly updated Chipolo app on your phone. You can ring the wallet tracking tag from your phone or use the wallet finder to ring your misplaced phone. The wallet tracker also offers additional features such as the Out of Range Alerts and the user sharing function, all without any additional fees or monthly subscriptions.

What is the connection range of the Chipolo CARD Bluetooth tracker?

The wallet finder connects directly to the Bluetooth signal on your phone and can stay connected for up to 200ft / 60 meters. Indoors the range is slightly decreased due to obstacles like walls.

How long does the battery last?

The battery on the Chipolo CARD tracking tag lasts for up to a year. You will get a notification when the battery is close to empty so that you can replace the wallet tracker in time. The battery is a custom model created to keep the wallet finder as thin as possible and it is not replaceable or rechargeable. When the battery runs out, the tracking tag is eligible for the Chipolo Recycle & Renew program, where you can buy a new wallet finder with a 50% discount and send your old one back to us for recycling free of charge.

Is my phone compatible with Chipolo finders?

Chipolo tracking tags connect to the Chipolo app, which works both with Android and iOS devices. Your phone must have at least Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 7 or later or iOS 12 or later. The list of supported devices is available on

How is the Chipolo CARD Bluetooth tracker different from a GPS wallet tracker?

The main difference between the two is their connection range. Bluetooth finders use your phone’s Bluetooth signal to connect and can stay connected for up to 200ft / 60 m. When this connection is lost, the last known location of your wallet finder will be displayed on a map in the Chipolo app until they reconnect. GPS trackers use external third-party systems to stay connected and can show the real-time location of the tracking tag at any distance.

The battery life is also different depending on the type of your tracking tag. Bluetooth trackers have longer battery life since they use less technology to stay connected. The battery life of a good Bluetooth finder will last between 1-2 years. The battery on a GPS tracker will usually last between 1 week and 1 month.

Most Bluetooth tracking tags also offer all their features without any additional fees, while GPS trackers usually have a monthly subscription.

What is your return and refund policy?

You can return your Chipolo order for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the order. The products must be returned in good condition and working to comply with the Chipolo refund policy. When your order is returned, you will receive a full refund to the original payment method.

Chipolo does not cover any return shipping fees.

Chipolo reserves the right to decline a refund for orders that are returned past the 30-day return period or are not subject to our 2-year warranty. Please see our FAQ section for additional information.