6 things to consider when buying a wallet tracker

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Are you looking for a wallet tracker, but aren’t sure which one to get?

Here are the top 6 things to consider before you decide which one to get!


The wallet finder should fit into your wallet seamlessly.

The good news is that almost all item trackers are made to fit into your jeans pocket, so you should have no trouble also fitting them into your wallet.

Thin chipolo wallet tracker find my Thin chipolo wallet tracker find my

The bad news is, not all of them are thin. Anything thicker than a coin will have your wallet bulging and will make an imprint on your wallet’s surface in just a few days.

Make sure to narrow your selection to the Bluetooth trackers that specifically mention they are designed to find your wallet. These will already be made as thin as possible by default and should fit into most credit card slots in your wallet nicely.


What type of phone do you use?

Wallet trackers connect to your phone through a companion app. You can then use this app to make your wallet finder ring or to check the last known location of your lost wallet on a map.

Most Bluetooth trackers have apps compatible with both Android and iOS phones, but there are a couple of exemptions.

Chipolo wallet locator find my Chipolo wallet locator find my

The item finders that work exclusively with the Find My app will only work on iOS devices. If you’re an Android user, stay away from AirTags and the special Chipolo Spot finders, as those won’t work with your Android device.

Confirming if your phone is compatible with the wallet tracker you like will only take you a couple of minutes. Just look for the companion app on either Google Play Store or App Store to confirm if it’s available there.


The ringtone volume on your wallet finder may be one of the keys features or it might not be relevant at all, depending on what you want to use the wallet tracker for.

If you frequently misplace your wallet at home or at the office, make sure to get a finder with a loud and clear melody. You’ll need to hear it from inside your wallet and probably from inside a pocket or a bag as well.

If you’re worried you’ll lose your wallet or that it might get stolen, then look for a wallet finder with the biggest community feature. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re in luck – the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder uses the power of the vast Apple Find My network to help you locate your lost wallet.


This one is tricky.

A wallet locator with a replaceable or rechargeable battery will have some extra thickness to accommodate the necessary hardware. This will make your wallet bulkier, but it will eliminate the hassle of replacing the whole Bluetooth finder when the battery runs out.

A thinner wallet tracker will most likely have a custom battery, which means you will not be able to recharge it or replace it yourself. Such Bluetooth trackers usually come with a discounted Renewal program, where you get a substantial discount when you buy your next wallet finder.

So what do you find more important – a thin, seamless design, or a tracker with a battery you can charge or replace yourself?

Type of use

What will you be using the wallet tracker for?

If you want to use it to make your misplaced wallet ring, then the feature you should focus on is the ringtone. Is the tracker loud enough, does it offer different ringtones, if you’re hearing-impaired - does the melody use notes you’ll be able to hear?

Chipolo wallet tracker Android app Chipolo wallet tracker Android app

If you want to use it in case your wallet gets lost or stolen, the feature you should focus on is the strength of the community find feature. How big is the community, where is it strongest, how long does it usually take for a lost Bluetooth tracker to be found...

Extra features

Each Bluetooth tracker will offer at least a couple of extra features that can make your search easier.

The most popular feature that almost all trackers have is the ‘range alerts’. When enabled, this feature triggers a notification alert on your phone whenever you leave your wallet behind.

Find lost TV remote with Chipolo tracker - share feature Find lost TV remote with Chipolo tracker - share feature

Some of the other features you can often find are the ‘find phone’ feature, voice commands, ‘share’ feature, widgets, battery notifications…

Most of these will come in handy when you’re trying to find your misplaced wallet quickly, so try to get a wallet tracker with at least one or two additional features.

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