Chipolo features for Android: Make your phone flash when you ring it

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Bright news for Chipolo users!

You can now find your Android phone by blinking the phone’s flashlight.

Chipolo feature for Android blink flashlight Chipolo feature for Android blink flashlight

Make your Android phone ring and 🔆flash🔆 with your Chipolo

Making your phone ring with your Chipolo is one of the two most popular features in the Chipolo app and we decided to make it even better.

Now, you can also make your Android phone’s* flashlight blink when you ring your phone so you can find it in low-light conditions, like at night or in that hidden bottom part of your bag.

*Not available for iPhones.

How to make your flashlight blink when you ring your phone

Open the Chipolo app and tap on your Chipolo. In the menu below the button, tap ‘Ring your phone’ and enable ‘Flashlight’. You’re all set!

Now, whenever you double press that Chipolo, your Android phone will ring and blink its flashlight simultaneously.

If you’d like to make your phone blink, but not ring, you can do that too.

Disable the Ring your phone feature and your Android phone will flash the flashlight, but remain silent when you double press your Chipolo.

Find out more about the Ring Your Phone feature here.

A shiny feature for our hearing-impaired users

The addition of the flashlight blinking feature in the Chipolo app is also a small, but significant step towards inclusivity, making this technology more accessible to the hearing-impaired.

Now they can rely on the visual signal provided by the blinking flashlight to locate their Android phone effortlessly and without auditory cues.

Chipolo feature for Android blink flashlight on phone Chipolo feature for Android blink flashlight on phone

This new feature brings us one step closer to making sure the Chipolo features work for everyone, loud and clear!

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