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If you’re an Android user or if you’re just looking for a Bluetooth finder that fits your wallet, you’re in luck. There are AirTag alternatives available for both iOS and Android users that offer different features and benefits.

When it comes to Bluetooth trackers, AirTags are a popular choice, but they are not an all-in-one solution for every user. Luckily, they are not the only Bluetooth finder on the market.

AirTags for Android phones: The best alternative

Do AirTags work with Android smartphones? No.

AirTags can only be paired with the Find My app on iOS devices, so if you’re a forgetful Android user, you’ll need a different Bluetooth finder.

Luckily, there are plenty of excellent AirTag alternatives available for Android phones. Like the Chipolo ONE key finder!

Chipolo key finder red gadget bluetooth Chipolo key finder red gadget bluetooth

What does the Chipolo ONE key finder have that the AirTag doesn’t?

Wider compatibility. Through the Chipolo app, it works both with Android and iOS devices.

Most Android-compatible smart tags can be connected to iOS and Android smartphones, which makes them more accessible to a larger group of users.

While all Bluetooth item trackers share at least two features (ring your misplaced item, see its last known location on a map), some, like the Chipolo ONE, can also help you

- find your phone

- enable you to share your smart tag with your friends and family

- set up voice commands on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri

There's also the look and feel of the Bluetooth finders themselves.

While there’s no denying the beautiful simplicity of the AirTags’ design, other Bluetooth smart tags offer a more rugged design with durable materials, making them better suited for the wear and tear of everyday use in your pockets.

AirTags for finding your wallet: The best alternative

If you like the idea of an AirTag in your wallet but aren’t crazy about the coin-shaped dent it would make, there are some alternatives.

The top one is the Chipolo CARD Spot. It works exclusively with the Find My app and is specifically designed to fit into your wallet.

Chipolo card spot wallet tracker apple find my app Chipolo card spot wallet tracker apple find my app

The CARD's main feature is its slim design, which is about the size of two credit cards and guaranteed to fit into even the smallest of credit card wallets.

Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder Find My Amazon review Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder Find My Amazon review

Source: Amazon UK

Like with any other Bluetooth finder, you can make it ring (it has a really loud sound!), check its last known location on a map in the Find My app, set up Left Behind Notifications and if your wallet ever gets lost, ask a few hundred million Apple users to help you search for it.

Chipolo card spot wallet finder airtag alternative Chipolo card spot wallet finder airtag alternative

Bottom line: With the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder you can use all the features of the Find My app, but you don’t have to deal with a small bump sticking out of your wallet.

Is there a better Bluetooth tracker than an AirTag?

Depends on what you want to use it for.

People that like the idea of AirTags but need something a little different won’t have any problems finding a suitable AirTag alternative.

For iPhone users, AirTags provide seamless integration with the Find My app that’s already on their phones, so the setup and use in general are simple. The downside is, they don't have a hole, so you need an accessory (you buy that extra) to hang them off our keys.

For Android users, there are several well-established alternatives that people have been using for years, but none with the network that could even come close to Apple's Find My network. So if you're an Android user who needs help finding misplaced stuff, you're in luck. But if you want something that can help you find your bike, a GPS tracker would be a better idea.

Price and battery life don’t really make a difference, as most Bluetooth trackers will last between 1-2- years and will cost somewhere around $30.

Overall, while AirTags are a popular choice for iOS users, there are several alternatives available for both iOS and Android users that offer similar functionality and benefits.

Like the Chipolo 😉

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