Meet Chipolo Point finders for Google’s Find My Device app

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Attention Android users!

Never lose your essentials (and your peace of mind) again.

With the Chipolo Point key and wallet finders for Google's Find My Device app, you can pinpoint the location of missing and lost items in no time with your Android phone.

Chipolo Point finders for Android phones side blog meet chipolo point Chipolo Point finders for Android phones side blog meet chipolo point

With the Chipolo Spot finders we already created a solution that can help iPhone users find their things no matter where they end up. It was high time we did the same for Android users as well!

So we’re really happy to introduce the Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point Bluetooth trackers.

The first Chipolo trackers for Android users that work exclusively with Google's Find My Device app.

Find things nearby

Do your car keys have a habit of disappearing from the kitchen counter?

Play a sound directly from Google's Find My Device app to make your Chipolo ONE Point key finder ring loudly.

The Find My Device app also shows visual distance hints that will help you pinpoint the exact location of your misplaced keys. So, were they hiding in the left pocket of your jacket or the right one?

Find things far away

Worried about your wallet when you travel?

Keep an eye on it by checking the location of your Chipolo CARD Point wallet tracker in Google’s Find My Device app or get updates on its location through Google's worldwide Find My Device network which includes millions of Android devices.

Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 2 2 Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 2 2

Did you leave your things at home?

Don’t spend the whole day worrying if you left your keys at home or somewhere else, just use your Google Home device to check!

The Google smart speaker closest to your keys will pick up on their location and let you know they’re nearby in the Find My Device app.

Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 3 3 Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 3 3

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