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Chipolo ONE Spot tracking tag apple find my find keys featured

What’s The Difference Between Chipolo ONE And Chipolo ONE Spot?

Not sure which Chipolo to get or what app your Chipolo works with? Take a look at our comparison and figure out which tracking tag works best for you!

How smart tracking tags work featured

How It Works: Smart Tracking Tags

Need a little help finding your keys, wallet, phone, or bag? You should probably get a smart tracking tag.

Air Tag Android alternative Chipolo item locators featured 2

Chipolo Item Finders: The AirTag Alternative For Android

If you’re looking for an AirTag alternative that will also work on Android, take a look at Chipolo item finders – they work both on iPhones and Android phones!

Chipolo tracking tags find wallet keys phone featured

Chipolo Key finder tag vs. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag – A comparison

Both Chipolo key finders and Samsung Galaxy SmartTags use Bluetooth technology to help you find your missing item. So which one would suit your needs better?

Chipolo bluetooth tracking tags featured

AirTags And Other Bluetooth Tracking Tags: How Does It Work?

Smart tracking tags connect to your phone using different technologies like BLE, GPS, and UWB, to help you keep an eye on your belongings.

Chipolo one key finder bluetooth phone battery consumption

Bluetooth Drains Your Phone Battery: Myth Or Fact?

How much of your phone’s battery Bluetooth will consume depends on what gadget you’re connecting to your phone and why.