Find My feature: Share your Spot with other iPhone users

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Sharing is caring ❤️ With the iOS17 update, Chipolo Spot owners can now share their key and wallet finders with other iPhone users in the Find My app.

The ‘Share This Item’ feature enables you to share your tracking tag with up to 5 people when all of you have your iPhones updated to iOS17.

Chipolo ONE Spot tracking tag for Find My share feature Chipolo ONE Spot tracking tag for Find My share feature

How to share your Chipolo Spot tracker in the Find My app

1. Open the Find My app

2. Go to Items and tap on the Chipolo Spot you want to share

3. Under Share This Item tap on Add Person

4. Find the people you want to share your Spot with

5. Tap Share in the top-right corner

The share isn’t automatic and the other person needs to accept your share before they will be able to track your Spot too.

If the person you’re sharing your Spot with doesn’t have iOS17 installed, you’ll see a message that says “not eligible for sharing” on your end.

Learn more at Apple support

Why should you share your Chipolo Spot?

If you’ve ever looked for the family car keys, you get the idea.

Sharing your Chipolo Spot finder will enable everyone in your family to ring the car keys, check their location on a map in the Find My app, and even use features like Precision Finding to help pinpoint their location when nearby.

Chipolo Spot lost car key finder tag for Apple Find My Chipolo Spot lost car key finder tag for Apple Find My

No more false ‘unknown tracker’ alerts!

Apple’s anti-stalking is a great feature, but it can also be a headache if you keep getting ‘Spot found moving with you’ alerts from the key finder on your mom’s keys. These alerts are no longer triggered when you share your Spot with your family since all of you can now connect to it.

Do you know where my luggage is?

A shared Chipolo Spot luggage tracker can be a lifesaver on a trip. If you cannot connect to your luggage, it's always handy to share your tracker with another iPhone user who can check its location when you can’t.

Plus, you won’t get anti-stalking alerts on your phone from the tracker in your friend’s luggage!

Chipolo Spot luggage tracker for Find My Chipolo Spot luggage tracker for Find My

How to stop sharing your Spot

1. Open the Find My app and tap on the Items tab at the bottom of the screen

2. Tap the Spot you want to stop sharing

3. Under Share This Item tap on the person you want to stop sharing with

4. Tap Remove

After you remove the person from sharing your Spot tracker, they won't be able to locate it anymore, but they may now receive ‘Spot found moving with you’ tracking notifications.

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