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Chipolo one key finder best features replacable battery 3 feature

Chipolo ONE - The Key Finder With a Replaceable Battery

A long-lasting battery is a must for any gadget, and it’s especially important in a key finder since it will let you stay stress-free about the location of your keys.

Chipolo one loudest key finder featured

The Best Features Of The New Chipolo ONE Key Finder

Chipolo ONE is the new key finder that further improves all the features of Chipolo Bluetooth trackers our users liked best. Now with a louder sound, longer battery...

Chipolo key finder range alerts find my keys featured 2

Out of Range Alerts – The Most Popular Chipolo Feature!

We have a new Chipolo feature! The Out of Range Alerts will notify you when you leave your keys or wallet behind before it’s too late for you to go back and get them.

Chipolo one key finder red replaceable battery featured

Introducing The New Chipolo ONE

Meet the newest item finder that reminds you if you leave your things behind. We combined the best features of all the previous Chipolo item finders and made them even...

Omni Fob and Chipolo featured

OmniFob - universal IoT remote fob, powered by Chipolo

The World's First All-In-One IoT Remote for Smart Home and Connected Car Plus Built-In Bluetooth Locator powered by Chipolo

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Is The Battery On My Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker Empty?

Chipolo item finders are powered by small batteries that will last between 1 to 2 years, depending on the model. While the battery on the Chipolo ONE and Classic is...