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Jingle All The Way To Your Keys

There are few things more stressful than trying to find your misplaced keys or wallet right when you need them most. With the new ringtones, Chipolo will not only help...

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Renew Your Chipolos!

The early bird Chipolo Plus owners can now renew or buy a new Chipolo with a 50% discount! Check out the video to see how.


New Chipolo colors to help you battle this winter!

Having some color to rest your eyes on in the colorless months to come is an absolute MUST for us, and if you share our passion for vibrant hues, you’ll love what we...


Chipolo Community to the Rescue

Next time you forget your wallet or keys in that coffee shop or bar, that doesn’t have to be the end of it. With the Chipolo app and a Chipolo attached, you can ask...

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How to find your phone

Ever find yourself looking for your phone, but there’s no Chipolos around? You’re not the only one! So don’t worry, the Chipolo app can help you find it.

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Reuse, resell, recycle... Just don't throw it away!

They say every little bit helps, and we’re sticking to it and doing our best to minimize our waste. The Chipolo may be the size of a coin, but it can still end up in...