Chipolo ONE - The Key Finder With a Replaceable Battery

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A long-lasting battery is a must for any gadget, and it’s especially important in a key finder since it will let you stay stress-free about the location of your keys.

Which is why the battery on the Chipolo ONE key finder will last up to 2 years on a single battery, looking after your keys without you having to worry if the key finder is still tracking your keys.

And the battery is also replaceable, so you only have to change the battery when it runs out and then you can continue on using the same key finder.

Chipolo ONE uses a simple coin-shaped replaceable battery, model CR2032, which you can find in most shops selling regular batteries.

Replacing the battery on your Chipolo ONE key finder

The battery replacement in the Chipolo key finder is quick and easy and can be done in just a few simple steps through the slits on the Chipolo’s sides.

To replace the battery on the key finder, open the Chipolo with your fingernail or a smaller tool, by inserting it into the small gap on the side of the Chipolo. Then, carefully open the Chipolo by separating it in two.

Replace the empty battery inside with a new CR2032 type coin battery by placing the battery positive side (+) looking up.

When the new battery is placed inside the key finder, close your Chipolo by aligning the top holes on both lids.

Chipolo key finder replaceable battery steps Chipolo key finder replaceable battery steps

How do I know when the battery on my Chipolo runs out?

When the replaceable battery on the Chipolo key finder is almost empty, a notification icon will pop up in the Chipolo app list view, next to the Chipolo that needs to have its battery replaced.

Chipolo one key finder battery low Chipolo one key finder battery low

Which Chipolos have a replaceable battery?

The battery is replaceable in the latest Chipolo ONE model and the older Chipolo CLASSIC model (which uses a CR2025 battery type).

With Chipolo PLUS and the Chipolo CARD wallet finder, the battery is not replaceable and the tracker needs to be replaced when the battery runs out. The battery on these will last about a year and when it runs out, you can buy a new Chipolo of your choice with a 50% discount through the Chipolo Renew and Recycle program.

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