Chipolo Ringtones: Change The Ringtone On Your Chipolo

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There are few things more stressful than trying to find your lost keys or wallet right when you need them most. With 6 additional ringtones available for your Chipolo Bluetooth finder, you can pick the melody that will help you find your things the fastest!

How To Change The Chipolo Ringtone

Open the Chipolo app and tap on the Chipolo you want to set up the new ringtone on.

Make sure the Chipolo is actively connected to the phone (you can make it ring), before changing the ringtone.

Swipe up to open the features menu for this Chipolo and tap on Change Ringtone.

On the next screen, you can listen to the available ringtones before setting one up, by tapping on the name of the ringtone.

When you find your favourite ringtone, tap the green Set button and wait for the ringtone to upload to your Chipolo.

Win a game of Tic-Tac_toe while you wait and test the new ringtone when the change is complete.

Channge Ringtone 2 1 Channge Ringtone 2 1
Channge Ringtone 3 Channge Ringtone 3
Channge Ringtone 5 Channge Ringtone 5

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