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I Lost My Backpack On London Tube Chipolo Featured Grande Ca64Ee37 E641 4516 A45E 2F3Da0017503 Grande

I forgot my backpack and my laptop on the London tube

I always thought that I was safe from losing my things, because this only happens to messy people and I'm not one of those. But last year I forgot my backpack on my...

Mother Teen Featured Grande 608A498E 6C52 4Ccd 88Ef 86Ab8Cbb0117 Grande

Why haven’t we thought of this before?

Why haven’t we thought of this before? No more having to remember where everything is at that moment, no more worrying where my kids left their backpack or wallet and...

How Chipolo Saved My Drone Featured Grande F8B7666B 0746 4829 8Ad2 E23E904Bcc6A Grande

How Chipolo saved Clive’s drone. Twice.

“Well … it happened again … through inaccurate mapping – while on a mission, my drone crashed …"

How Chipolo Community Helped Recover My Lost Keys Featured Grande A9B58762 71D3 44Cd 8Cfc 96Fc0C6Cae69 Grande

How Chipolo Community helped recover lost keys again

This morning Massimo contacted me via live chat. Unfortunately, Massimo had lost his Chipolo and the last known location was close to his work.

I Dont Forget My Backpack Anymore Featured Grande C363706E 5Ce5 4C0C B2Dd 8D078E0E128F Grande

I don’t forget my backpack anymore

I used to lose a lot of time searching for my backpack because I often forgot it in my school locker and couldn’t remember where I left it.