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Bluetooth Key Tracker Grande

Not Just A Key Finder

Learn how Sarah used her Chipolo to scare off a thief on her morning commute to work.

Lost Bag Finally Found   Featured Grande

User story: Lost in New York, found in Los Angeles

When it comes losing your things, it could happen to anyone, and the Chipolo team is no exception. Here’s a short Lost & Found story with a happy ending from one of...

Scamper Jo Featured Grande

The adventures of Scamper Jo

One time he had just run off and I was able to see the last area he was seen in and that told me what direction to go. This is sold for locating keys, phones and such,...

Click Click Featured Grande

Click-Click-Clicking my Chipolo

When I got home, I used my Chipolo keyring clicker to hunt the house for my phone. Click-click. Nothing.Then I thought of logging on to the Chipolo website. "Phone...

Why Are My Keys In The Freezer Featured Grande Dd7023Ae 3E0D 4A10 820A 80A43Cca8F48 Grande

Why are my keys in the freezer?

A tale of how my wife, usually the all-knowing goddess became someone that almost forgot my name, all in the space of a week.

With Chipolo Around The World 4 Grande 9Fccf8D5 C3B3 4672 8484 0E4Db3B1Ea44 Grande

With Chipolo around the world

With all the packing and unpacking I need to be aware of where my most important possessions are at all times. That is where my two lovely pink and yellow Chipolos...