Chipolo Users' Stories

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Primoz with lost keys 2 featured

A lost Chipolo that found its way back to us

Not our typical Chipolo lost & found story, but with a little patience and some detective work, the Chipolo still came through and found the owner even after a year...

The Chipolo team meets Mafalda 2 featured

Mafalda’s Yellow Chipolo

I don't use Chipolo that often, but when I need it, it's there for me. It’s already helped me find my wallet around the house a couple of times. I think you guys are...


User story: A Keyfinder That Also Finds Lost Jackets

It was funny, because when I found the guy wearing my jacket and told him it was mine, he still though it was his. He was so sure of it, right up to when I rang my...


User story: A Lost Wallet Returned In Less Than 11 Hours!

When I got to the bar and wanted to pay for the drinks, I couldn’t find my wallet. But I just though I left it in the car, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Wallet Found Lovro Rozina

User story: Chipolo Finds A Wallet In 2 Feet Of Snow

How Lovro Rozina, the photographer that makes all the amazing Chipolo pics lost and found his wallet on an Austrian ski slope.

Monique Laats Cat Adventure Blog Featured

An Indoor Kitty's Outdoor Adventure

Dibby Houdini-ed right out of the harness and our arms and bolted deep into the woods. I pulled out my phone and connected to his Chipolo. He appeared to be nearby! I...