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Primo Zelensek Chipolo

User story: A Lost MacBook Pro Found With Chipolo

A Lost & Found story about a MacBook Pro with a happy ending from the Chipolo CEO, Primoz Zelensek.

The Life Of Lanina Via Insta Featured Grande

One Curious Chihuahua

The fact that I could just pull the app up on my phone and that I could ring to find her is the best, super easy to use as well!

Happymilliedaily Via Insta 3 Featured Grande

A Happy Adventurer

Chipolo is super useful since she tends to run away every time we take off her leash.

Florathecat Official Via Insta Featured Grande

Flora The Explorer

To be sure that she is doing fine, we check her location with Chipolo, rather than searching the whole house/area. We and Flora feel more free while using Chipolo for...

Chessiegirl  Featured Grande

Independent And Still Safe!

Chessie also loves her independence and so the Chipolo has been handy in giving her a “ring” to find out exactly where she’s hiding or sleeping!

Julie Featured Grande

Ready For His Next Adventure

He tried to run away for the second time during our move and this time we were able to find him immediately with Chipolo.