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User story: Lost Car Keys Found With Chipolo!

How to find keys with an Orbitkey Chipolo that you lost on a trail? Easy, retrace your steps until the tracker reconnects to your phone! Just hope that you start at the shorter end, unlike CurlyBikers...

We had a super run round Rostrevor yesterday but I lost my keys!

Well I went back for a hike round today and retraced our ride round the trails.

I had a wee key fob thingy called @Chipolo but it wasn’t connected so I walked round with my phone on, the App open, Bluetooth on and yes....after 14 miles of hiking it pinged to say it was connected and there were my keys!!!

Within a minute my phone battery died!

So I can highly recommend the Chipolo key fob but make sure you always keep it connected.

@curlybikers via Instagram

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