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Chipolo Finder Review - Will It Find A Frisbee In Dense Woods? YES IT DID!

First impression:

Nice simple protective packaging, product labeling, and instructions.

Feels well made to the touch. Lightweight but does not seem flimsy or fragile.

The application for the phone was easy to add and seems pretty responsible.

There is some delay sometimes when one device is telling the other to beep but it seems reasonable so don't panic if it doesn't immediately beep.

The multiple beeping tones is pretty nice so you can pick one you think you will notice better in whatever environment you will be in. It would be a fun little addition if you could record and add your own little audio file for it to alarm with.

My use:

I play frisbee golf. 

I throw our disks hundreds of feet at a time, sometimes through some pretty dense terrain and sometimes around blind turns so disks get lost. 

This Chipolo is so light and small that my disk still flies perfectly well with this on the bottom. I balanced the Chipolo on a needle to find its center of gravity and drew a crosshair through the center of balance to line up with a crosshair I drew on the center of the frisbee so I could line them up and minimize off balance wobble.

Well, I took it out for 27 holes of disk golf today. 

Great day, I mean I had 3 birdies in a row with this thing stuck on my disk. So obviously it not only still flew well but I could still control the flight path. Turns out it made the disk fly a bit more straight lol. 

Well, eventually it happened! 

I lost it in super tall grass. At first, I couldn't connect but eventually, it did and I was able to find my disk in the tall grass. Total success! 

I will say though it does seem you still need to get pretty close to where it is both for the Bluetooth to connect so you can trigger it to beep and so you can hear it. I may try a test at some point to find what the range limit is I can be from it and still get a connection. 

For me, it did not connect fast and that may just be from my phone being slow, also I managed to get this to work once even while still connected to and playing music through my Bluetooth speaker but probably a good idea to disconnect all other Bluetooth devices when trying to connect to the Chipolo just in case. 

Anyway, I am super excited it worked and this is definitely staying on my disk golf frisbee. 


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