Can I put my Chipolo tracker in my luggage?

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The short answer is – yes.

The batteries in all Chipolo trackers are small enough to comply with regulations for both carry-on and checked luggage.

While electronic devices like phones and laptops must be part of your carry-on luggage, the same doesn’t apply to smaller devices like your electric toothbrush or a luggage tracker. Those can also be included in your checked luggage.

Luggage tracker with coin battery Luggage tracker with coin battery

So, which batteries can I put in my luggage?

The same rules do not apply to all types of batteries. What you can do with a specific battery further depends on your type of luggage - carry-on luggage or checked luggage.

Here’s a short breakdown of what essential batteries you can pack where.

Carry-on luggage: Allowed devices with batteries

Bluetooth trackers are allowed in your carry-on luggage since the battery inside is part of the device and small enough to comply with the regulations.

You should also put all your electronic devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, headphones, camera, power bank, and laptop in your carry-on luggage.

Electronics travel luggage abhilash sahoo Electronics travel luggage abhilash sahoo

If you are carrying extra batteries for your devices that aren’t already inside the device itself, stick with AA or AAA batteries and coin batteries. Keeping them sealed in their original retail packaging is best, but if that's not possible, check the official FAA guidelines for what is acceptable.

For any batteries bigger than that, contact the airline and check what restrictions may apply.

Checked luggage: Allowed devices with batteries

You can pack smaller electronic devices with lithium batteries here too if the battery is part of the device.

Chipolo Bluetooth finder checked luggage Chipolo Bluetooth finder checked luggage

Luggage trackers and electronic toothbrushes will not be a problem, but when you pack personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops in your checked luggage, you will have to turn them off completely.

Even so, some airlines only allow such electronic devices in your carry-on luggage, so double-check with your airline before packing them.

Will I be able to track my lost luggage with a Bluetooth tracker?

Not with all of them.

So far, lost and misplaced luggage has mostly been found with the help of an AirTag or a Chipolo Spot Bluetooth tracker, thanks to the incredible size of the Apple Find My network.

Since Bluetooth finders themselves only have a limited range of a few hundred feet, the only way to track your bag is through extra features like community find.

These features (like Apple’s Notify When Found) ask other users of the same app to help search for your lost things with the app on their phone. When someone comes close to your lost bag, their phone anonymously picks up on its new location and notifies the app on your phone.

But you need a really big network for it to work and so far, only Apple with its Find My app has had enough users to make the feature work almost anywhere.

If you're only searching for some peace of mind and confirmation that your luggage made it on the plane, good news. Most Bluetooth trackers are able to connect to your luggage when it's loaded into the plane even without a strong community find.

Still not sure what devices you can pack?

Check out TSA's search tool to figure out how to pack any items you’re not sure about.

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