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Let's fix that

Don’t let that throw off your vibe.

Make your keys come to you

When your keys are playing hide and seek, don’t waste time looking for them! Make them ring from the Chipolo app instead.

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Use code: RINGKEYS20


Finding your phone can be so easy

Why spend time searching for your phone when you can just double press your Chipolo and your missing phone will start ringing.

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Use code: RINGPHONE20


Finding a lost wallet is easier than you think

Skip the mini heart attack and find it with a Chipolo tucked inside. Connect it to the app on your phone and check its location anytime, anywhere.

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For Android phones



For the one who can never find their things

A great gift that will help them find their keys, their wallet, and misplaced phone (without any help from you).

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Life's too short to waste it looking for your things!

What others say

Lost then found!

My Chipolo ONE helped me find my keys in the park...in the dark. Wouldn't have found them otherwise.

- Maria

Underestimated necessity

I didn't know I needed these as much as I do. These were recommended to me by a friend and I really underestimated how long I took searching for my keys and my phone. This is such a time saver.

- Ash D

It works

Great gadget which had I bought earlier would have saved me £100s in replacing house and car keys! Makes going out less stressful as I can quickly find keys purse and phone.

- Christine

Big help

I use Chipolo for years and it helps me especially to find my phone or my keys in my bags or in the house. Can really recommend it!

- Tanja

Love it

I bought for an older friend that always loses his phone. This simplified his life.



These little gadgets are a life saver!! Now I always know where my phone or my keys are!!! Already saved me from being late to work! Now if only I could attach one to my glasses.

- Steph from MN

Marvelous Product

I was at my wit's end when I lost my wallet! But finally found it beneath my bed! I thought about a device like the AirTag but only card-like. I'm so glad I found Chipolo!

- Rodrix

Chipolo Card is fantastic!

I use my Chipolo Card in my wallet. It fits perfectly, works perfectly, and is going to end my constantly misplacing my wallet!

- David K

It Works!!

It works!! My husband is constantly misplacing his billfold. He has memory issues which doesn’t help. I hid one of the cards in his wallet and now it beeps when we have to go looking for it. Love it.

- Jean

Perfect as a gift

My sister bought me a Chipolo for my birthday. I have to admit that this is the best present I have ever received from her because now I finally know where my keys are.

- George

Excellent value!

Bought as presents for grown up children & other half who are always losing keys & bank cards!

- Ersnab

Our first Chipolo

Our daughter again lost her wallet with all cards etc.. So we decided to protect her from herself with a bunch of Chipolos ... it works great!

- n.a.

“Users will truly be able to go anywhere and everywhere with peace of mind.”

“Instead of arriving at work to realize you had forgotten your item, you will receive the notification to return home to retrieve the item. Personally, that feature was the most beneficial of them all.”

“Finding lost bags, phones and wallets doesn't need to be a time-consuming chore.”

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