8 Affordable Gifts For Super-Forgetful Friends

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Are you looking for the perfect affordable gift for that one friend in your life who loses absolutely everything?

Then we have the perfect list for you! With the 8 gifts we listed below they’ll have no problem keeping track of their most important belongings.

Let’s make their life (and yours) a lot easier!

Gifts that forgetful people who always lose their things need

A wallet/phone case combo

This one’s a little dangerous since it keeps your wallet and your phone all in one place (what if they end up losing it?)

But the appeal of keeping your credit cards, ID, driver’s license, cash, and your phone all in one place all the time might be worth a little extra attention. It’s easier to keep an eye on one thing than two or three!

Luxury Leather Wallet A750 Case For Samsung Galaxy A7 A8 A6 Plus 2018 A5 A3 2017 Luxury Leather Wallet A750 Case For Samsung Galaxy A7 A8 A6 Plus 2018 A5 A3 2017

A sofa side pocket organizer

Remote controls have a way of disappearing right when you need them the most. An organizer on the arm of their favorite chair or sofa will help your forgetful friend keep everything in check and at arm’s reach.

Ikea KNALLBÅGE hanging sofa organiser Ikea KNALLBÅGE hanging sofa organiser
Source: IKEA

These usually come with extra pockets, so they can also always find their glasses, phone, or tablet and some even have a flat surface at the top for their favorite snack!

A Bluetooth key and phone finder

Keys are repeatedly at the top of every ‘lost item’ list made, along with wallets, phones, and glasses.

A smart key finder might be just what your forgetful friend needs to start their day stress-free.

Chipolo key finder affordable gift blue Chipolo key finder affordable gift blue

They can attach it to their keys, connect it to their phone, and make their keys ring whenever they go missing. And Chipolo key finders work both ways, so they can even help them find their lost phone!

The Chipolo app will also send them a friendly reminder when they leave their keys behind, so they can go back and get them in time!

Self-Watering pot or watering stakes

Forgetfulness usually equals plants that need to be watered.

Luckily, there are a few easy solutions out there that will make sure your friend’s plants stay hydrated and healthy.

Pexels huy phan 4484184 Pexels huy phan 4484184

If you’re looking for an affordable gift for your plant-loving friend, we’d recommend plant watering spikes or globes and self-watering pots.

A keychain phone cable

How many times can you go through the day with only one phone charge?

A phone cable that can fit in your pocket is a good gift even if you’re not a forgetful person, and if you are one, it’s almost priceless.

Keychain phone charger Keychain phone charger

We like the keychain version the best because your keys usually go where you go, so there’s almost no chance your forgetful friend won’t take it with them.

A doormat checklist

Nothing like a huge checklist at your feet every time you leave your house or come home. They make a good gift for literally everyone (who doesn’t have a door?) and won’t break the bank for you.

Doormat checklist for forgetful people Doormat checklist for forgetful people

You can get a standard phone – keys – wallet one for about $20, or you can customize it and create your own ‘checklist’ that will help your friend really be there on time.

An outlet timer

An outlet timer is a simple piece of technology that will help your friend not burn down their house accidentally.

These are available in many different models, ranging from the simple analog ones that even your parents will know how to operate to complex ones that will also provide real-time readings about how much energy an appliance is using.

Ipower 24 Hour Plug in Mechanical Electric Outlet Timer Ipower 24 Hour Plug in Mechanical Electric Outlet Timer

Almost all of them will let your forgetful loved ones set up different on/off periods, so they can just set it and forget it!

A magnetic hairpin holder

Lost hairpins are a daily struggle. There’s never any around when you need them, but then they turn up in your bag when you’re looking for something else.

They come in different shapes and sizes and with a little creativity, you can even make one yourself!

BONUS: Password manager and loyalty card apps

Apps are not a gift in the traditional sense, but anyone who regularly resets their password or carries around a huge wallet will still appreciate these.

A loyalty card app will let your loved ones keep all their loyalty cards on their phone, instead of in their wallet. Just think how grateful they will be when they don’t have to carry around about 10 loyalty cards anymore.

For many, password manager apps have become a must. It’s a bad idea to have just one master password for all your online accounts and remembering every password you came up with is a challenge, no matter how great your memory is.

A password manager app will remember all these different passwords for you and it will also help you generate new, strong ones that are will be impossible to break (and won’t have your dog’s name in it).

If your loved ones struggle to keep things in mind, put a smile on their face with a helpful gift that will make their daily life easier (and yours probably too!)

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