The Chipolo app has a new look and improved features!

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Following the redesign and improvements of the Chipolo key finder last year, we decided it’s time to focus on the other half of the Chipolo tracking system – the Chipolo app!

We updated the app to make it even easier to use and also added a few new features our users have been asking about in the past.

Start at the beginning!

We redesigned the beginner’s guide to get you started easily and with as little tech stuff as possible.

The new guide will:

help you connect your first Chipolo

explain how your Chipolo works

show you how to use the most popular features

A new way of sharing your Chipolos!

We simplified the sharing process; you and your loved ones can now connect to the same Chipolo in a few simple steps.

Share an invite code for your Chipolo through your favorite messaging service, social platform or even directly with your family and friends to speed up the process and increase your finding power.

Easier to get a free Chipolo

You can now easily share your unique referral code through different platforms and messaging services and increase your chances to get a free Chipolo!

Share the referral code you can find in the Chipolo app and when 3 of your friends make a purchase through the link, you get a free Chipolo.

Chipolo app adapted to new Android Location Privacy

Not sure why the app needs your location or why it’s important for it to stay active even when you’re not using it to find your lost keys?

We made it easier for you to understand why Chipolo app uses different permissions connected to your location and why you need to enable certain permissions so that the Chipolo can fully work.

And there’s some new stuff too!

We often get asked how long the Chipolo Key finder battery lasts and how you know when it runs out. So we added a notification to let you know when the battery is about to run out.

And just because we can, we also translated the app to another language and made all the permissions easier to understand.

Low battery notification for your Chipolo finders

Chipolo ONE can already last up to 2 years and Chipolo CARD up to a 1 year, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out any time soon, but now you can relax even when the battery is almost empty.

We’ll send you a phone notification and give you a heads up before the battery on your Chipolo runs out and the tracking tag disconnects from your phone. Along with the phone notification, we’ll also provide the steps you can take to replace the battery and keep your Chipolo active and tracking.

Teraz dostępny w języku polskim

The Chipolo app is available in a new language – Polish!

The new language joins 15 other languages that the Chipolo app already speaks. You can choose between:

English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Czech, Polish and our very own Slovene!

A new Messages section

Wondering if your old Chipolos can be renewed, if your app is up to date, or if any Chipolo is running low on battery?

You can check the new Messages section to find out!

All important information will now be displayed on one screen, where you’ll also find our special offers and additional information to help you keep your Chipolo updated and connected to your phone.

Check out the Chipolo bestseller combos!

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