Chipolo app dark mode

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Take it easy on your eyes and set up the Chipolo app in dark mode. Your eyes and your phone battery will thank you.

The darker background is not as demanding on your eyes and doesn’t use as much power to keep your screen lit up.

You can set up the Chipolo app to always show in dark mode, or have it follow the general display settings you set up for your phone.

Chipolo key finder app dark mode Chipolo key finder app dark mode

How to set up the Chipolo app in dark mode

1. Open the Chipolo app and tap on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the Chipolo app.

2. Scroll down the list and tap on Appearance.

3. On the next screen tap on Dark to turn on the dark mode in the Chipolo app or select System to have the Chipolo app follow the display settings of your phone.

The advantages of dark mode

Reduce eye strain

This comes especially handy in low-light situations. If your screen is too bright, while your surroundings are dark, the contrast between the two will strain your eyes with the extra glare from your screen.

Make your phone battery last longer

Dark mode doesn’t use up as much power to display things on your OLED screen, which in turn prolongs your battery life. If you’d still prefer to use light mode, try dimming your screen brightness instead.

Minimize blue light exposure

Blue light can put an additional strain on your eyes and cause dry eyes, headaches and can even interfere with your sleep, if you’re in front of the screen a lot in the evening too.

Dark mode can help with the amount of blue light you’re exposed to, but if you’d still prefer light mode, check your display settings for the blue light filter. This feature allows you to manually adjust the amount of blue light from your screen.

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