Stay carefree when the travel bug bites

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The essential travel check:

Wallet in your pocket? Passport in your bag? Luggage on the plane?

But what if one of them is missing?

We usually start our search with a frantic pat through all our pockets, followed by an even messier search through our luggage. Preferably right in front of the check-in counter at the airport.

Chipolo lost passport Chipolo lost passport

Reduce your travel stress

A vacation is fun and exciting, but the travel part before and after the actual vacation can also be stressful and memorable for all the wrong reasons.

You can minimize the risks of losing your wallet or passport or even your luggage with some easy preparation before your trip.

Start with the easy stuff and put a piece of paper with an ‘if lost’ message and your phone number in your passport and wallet. For your luggage, also add the basic info about where you’ll be staying, like the contact info of your hotel.

Chipolo Spot wallet tracker travel pack Chipolo Spot wallet tracker travel pack

Next, you can add a Chipolo Spot tracker to your travel essentials. Chipolo Spot trackers are Bluetooth finders that work exclusively with the Find My app and leverage the power of the Apple Find My network to help you find your lost luggage.

Spot trackers can make your travel less stressful, and will help you easily check that all your belongings are still with you through the Find My app. You can even make your misplaced passport or wallet ring if you’re not sure what pocket they might be hiding in.

Did your luggage make it on the plane?

You can use a Chipolo Spot tracker to keep tabs on your luggage at the airport.

The Notify When Found feature in the Find My app leverages the Apple Find My network and its hundreds of millions of Apple devices to update you on the current location of your luggage.

Want to make sure your bag made it on the plane? Your baggage handler’s iPhone can let you know!

Chipolo Spot luggage tracker travel pack Chipolo Spot luggage tracker travel pack

Meet the Spot Travel PACK that works with the Find My app

The perfect combo of finders for your wallet, passport, and luggage that you can track with your iPhone.

Put a Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder into your wallet and passport holder and attach a Chipolo ONE finder onto your luggage.

If you’re worried about leaving something behind, set up Notify When Left Behind reminders and get an alert on your iPhone when that happens.

Chipolo Spot travel pack trackers Find My app Chipolo Spot travel pack trackers Find My app

Or maybe you’re worried about losing your luggage? If the worst happens and your luggage doesn’t make it to your destination, you’ll still be able to find it with the Notify When Found feature in the Find My app.

Enable the feature in the Find My app on your iPhone and every iOS device in the Find My network will anonymously look for your luggage and update you when it’s found again.

How do you keep tabs on your belongings when you travel?

Keep your luggage in check when you travel

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