Avoid a lost passport - the basic Dos & Don’ts

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How many times do you check your pockets to make sure your passport’s still with you when you travel?

People who have lost their passports (or had them stolen) have shared some great tips on how to keep your passport safe, for example:

- Always keep it in the same pocket

- Don’t put it in the pocket of the seat in front of you on the plane

- Don’t carry it with you when sightseeing

All solid advice people give based on their own experience with lost passports.

What if you’re not the most organized traveler?

How can you make sure a lost passport doesn’t ruin your vacation then?

Chipolo lost passport Chipolo lost passport

If you can’t get yourself to put your passport in the same place every time you travel, make sure that the places you put it are as safe as possible.

How? By making those places as safe as possible themselves.

The Dos

Make a copy of your travel documents

Before you leave, make an online copy of all the documents you’ll be carrying around with you. If you do end up losing or forgetting your passport, you’ll have a copy ready to speed up the replacement process.

Copy passport vlada karpovich Copy passport vlada karpovich

Hand luggage rule no. 1: Less is more

The first thing to do is minimize how much you carry around with you.

It’s much easier to keep an eye on your things when you don’t have your hands full with your bag, your water, your jacket, the travel pillow… Even if you do put your passport in the wrong pocket, at least you won’t put it down somewhere you shouldn't while you juggle everything else.

Chipolo Spot travel pack find my hand lugagge Chipolo Spot travel pack find my hand lugagge

Stay organized with a travel backpack

Travel bags or backpacks with anti-theft features aren’t just great for theft prevention, they’re usually also designed to keep you organized during your travels – special wallet and passport pockets, more compartments inside the bag, quick access slots, so you don’t have to open your bag every time you need something…

Attach a Chipolo finder to your passport and travel stress-free

How many times do you check on your passport when you travel? Is the wallet still in your backpack? Did your luggage make it on the plane?

Travel with peace of mind and let the Spot Travel PACK keep an eye on your wallet, passport, and luggage.

Chipolo Spot travel pack find my lugagge 3 Chipolo Spot travel pack find my lugagge 3

When you pair Chipolo Spot finders with the Find My app on your iPhone device, you can use the extra features within the Find My app to help you find your lost luggage or passport.

You can check their last known location on a map or enable the Lost Mode feature that will notify you when the location of your luggage is updated by another Apple user.

The Don’ts

Don’t keep your wallet or passport in your back pocket

Or any other easy-to-access pockets. This will keep your wallet or travel documents from falling out accidentally and it will also keep you safe from pickpockets.

Wallet in pocket emil kalibradov Wallet in pocket emil kalibradov

Don’t keep everything in the same place

Split your documents and your money in two different places (your pockets + your bag or your bag + your luggage…). That way, if anything does go wrong, you’ll only lose one document, one credit card and some money, instead of everything you have with you. You’ll still have to deal with the lost belongings, but at least you’ll be able to continue your trip.

Chipolo Spot travel pack find my hand lugagge 2 Chipolo Spot travel pack find my hand lugagge 2

Don’t nap at the airport or on public transit

Jet lag and long transits can make you sleepy, but before you take a nap, consider your surroundings.

If you travel in pairs or a group, a nap shouldn’t be a problem, as long as one of you is watching your things. But if you’re a solo traveler make sure that your belongings are completely safe before you close your eyes.

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