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Share Your Chipolo

You can share your Chipolo with your family and friends through the Chipolo app to increase your finding power. 

When you connect the Chipolo to your phone, you can make it ring through the Chipolo app by tapping the green ‘Ring to find’ button.

But what if your misplaced Chipolo is not close enough for Bluetooth to connect and all you can see in the Chipolo app is the blue ‘Mark as lost’ button?

Have your loved ones help with the search by sharing your Chipolo with them through the Chipolo app.

If they’re already a Chipolo user, all they need to do is accept your share and you can both keep an eye on your Chipolo through your phones.

If they don’t yet have the Chipolo app set up on their phone, all they need to do is create a Chipolo account of their own and you can share the Chipolo with them, from your Chipolo account to theirs. 

When they accept your share request, the Chipolo will then show in the Chipolo app on their phone as well.

Now, both of you will be able to connect to the Chipolo from your phones and make it ring. The Chipolo will connect to only one person at a time, usually, the one that is closest.

Any other Chipolo users the Chipolo is shared with will also be able to see when, where and with whom the Chipolo was last connected, in the Chipolo app on their phone.

You can share your Chipolo with as many people as you like, there is no limit, but the Chipolo can only connect to one device at a time.

Why share my Chipolo?

This feature is especially handy with shared items like car keys, or when you want to keep an eye on your family’s pet.

If you ever do lose your keys, the Share your Chipolo feature can help you find them more quickly!

Most of us lose our keys somewhere close to your home or work (like when we’re fishing for something in our pocket or bag), so sharing the Chipolo with the people closest to you will increase the chances that one of them will be able to pick up on your keys’ location when they pass them by.

Share your phone

If you’re always looking for your phone, you can also share that with your loved ones through the Chipolo app just like you would a Chipolo. 

You can then make your lost phone ring or check its location from the other device.

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