Chipolo features: Turn off Ring Your Phone on Chipolo

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Chipolo’s latest feature is an anti-feature!

Sometimes less is more, so the latest feature in the Chipolo app is designed to help you turn off one of the two core functionalities – ringing your phone with your Chipolo.

Turn off Ring Your Phone with Chipolo

One of the two default features of the Chipolo Bluetooth finders is making your phone ring with a double press on the Chipolo.

The double press is set up so that you don’t accidentally make your phone ring with your Chipolo, but sometimes even that is not enough.

If you’re a Chipolo CARD owner that keeps their wallet in the back pocket, you know what we’re talking about…

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1

So now the Chipolo app allows you to turn off the Ring Your Phone feature for each individual Chipolo finder you have connected.

This way, you can still use the Chipolo ONE key finder on your keys to ring your phone, but you can turn off this feature for the Chipolo CARD wallet finder.

How to turn off the Ring Your Phone feature in the Chipolo app

Open the Chipolo app and tap on the Chipolo finder where you want to turn off this feature.

Scroll up the menu in the bottom half of the screen and tap on Chipolo settings. On the next screen, toggle the Ring Your Phone feature off, and that Chipolo will no longer be able to make your phone ring.

You can make it ring, you can share it with others, you can get an alert when you leave something behind and you can also use it to make your phone ring. Or don't, the choice is yours!

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