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Chipolo Item Finders: The AirTag Alternative For Android

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Are you looking for a key finder similar to Apple’s AirTags that would work with your Android phone? We’ve got just the thing and it’s called a Chipolo!

We’ve all heard of Apple’s AirTags by now, and your first thought was probably ‘I could use a couple of those’.

But what if you’re an Android user and switching your Android phone for an iPhone is not something you’re willing to do?

What are AirTags and what do they do?

AirTags (and the Chipolo ONE Spot that also works with the Apple Find My app) are small round Bluetooth trackers that you can attach to your belongings to help you find them.

They connect to the Find My app on your iPhone and from there you can ring them or check their last known location on a map.

Do AirTags also work with Android phones?

The short answer is no. Apple’s AirTags only connect to the Find My app on Apple devices, but the good news is AirTags are not the only item tracker available.

If you’re looking for an AirTag alternative that will also work on Android, take a look at Chipolo ONE finders – they work both on iPhones and Android phones!

Chipolo ocean edition tracking tag find keys 3 Chipolo ocean edition tracking tag find keys 3

Can Chipolo ONE finders do what AirTag trackers do?

The main benefit of the AirTags is that they can help you find your things when they are misplaced or when they get lost.

But most of the time, you don’t really lose your things. You forget where you put them or what pocket you had them in last.

And this is the main functionality of the Chipolo item locators. Created specifically to find misplaced things, the key finder has a very loud ring you’ll be able to hear from another room. And it works both ways too; if you double click your Chipolo, you will make your misplaced phone ring.

While the Chipolo also offers a community find feature, it is not as big as Apple’s, which expands to include almost every Apple device out there. To make up for the smaller community coverage, the Chipolo offers an additional feature – sharing your Chipolo with your loved ones.

Share your Chipolo ONE key finder through the Chipolo app

You can create your own little closed community and share your Chipolo tracking tag with your family and friends through the Chipolo app.

Chipolo key finder tag share function car keys Chipolo key finder tag share function car keys

A shared Chipolo will then connect to the phone that is closest and update the location information on all other Chipolo accounts and devices the Chipolo is shared with.

Not sure who used the car keys last? Just check the app to find out!

Main Chipolo pros

Keys are not the only thing we lose. How many times have you looked for your phone this week?

Find your phone

Chipolo can help you find your phone too! When you double press your Chipolo key finder, it will make your misplaced phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

Loud ring

The Chipolo ONE key finder has a loud 120dB melody that you will be able to hear from another room. It also offers 7 different melodies, so you can set up the one that catches your ear best.

Out of Range Alerts

Need a reminder to take your keys with you? Chipolo key locators will send a notification to your phone whenever they lose their Bluetooth connection, and you start moving away.

Out of range alerts image Out of range alerts image

Share your Chipolo

As we already mentioned, you can share your Chipolo with your loved ones to create a mini finder community and it doesn’t matter if their phone is an Android or an iPhone – Chipolo finders work with both!

Voice commands

You can set up voice commands for each one of your Chipolos to help you find your missing keys, toy, or wallet with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

Chipolo voice control find keys wallet Chipolo voice control find keys wallet

Fits on your keyring

This one is anything but tech-related, but Chipolo finders for Android and iOS already have a hole you can use to attach the finder to your keys. No extra cost and no accessories – just take it out of the box and attach it to your things.

Durable materials

Another non-tech advantage is the material the Chipolo is made of. Smart finders are mostly used for your keys or other belongings you take with you every day. Which means they get moved, tossed around, dropped, and scratched on the regular. The plastic the Chipolo trackers are made of is durable and will have your tracking tag looking fresh even after a year of adventures in your pockets.

What can Chipolo ONE key finders (and AirTags) be used for?

Bluetooth finders are primarily designed to keep an eye on your personal belongings such as your keys, wallet, TV remote, backpack, your child’s toys…

Chipolo item finders colorful tracker Chipolo item finders colorful tracker

The important thing to note here is that they are Bluetooth trackers and will lose their connection to your phone after they go out of Bluetooth range, at a distance of around 200 feet / 60 meters.

We wouldn’t recommend it for tracking your child or your car, but it will work for your gym bag or laptop.

Is the Chipolo a good Android alternative for AirTags?

Think about what you want to use the finder for.

Will you be tracking your bike or your car?

Then you should consider an altogether different finder - a GPS tracker. With external systems that help you locate your items in real time, they will help you find your things even at greater distances.

Will you be using the tracking tag to find your keys, wallet or phone?

Then definitely get a Chipolo ONE. Your personal items are almost never far away from you, and Chipolo’s loud ring will help you find them in no time, eve with background noise or when they’re hidden deep in some pocket of your bag.

Browse Chipolo key & wallet finders for Android devices

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