Ekster Tracker Card X Chipolo Collaboration

Ekster designs time-saving products for smart living, especially smart wallets. Their innovative idea was to develop a solar-powered wallet finder for their smart wallets. 

Making their wallets easy to find was important for their market advantage because losing a wallet is a common problem of people all around the world. It means losing access to banks, public transportation and being exposed to fraud.

Ekster already developed their own hardware, so they were a perfect fit for firmware integration. 

The challenge was to integrate Chipolo’s firmware into the tracking card’s circuit, so that all components worked together flawlessly, resulting in an iconic collaboration. 

Its solar energy harvesting turned out to be so efficient that the card only needs about 1-2 hours of sunlight per 2 months, and can even charge underneath visible light on a table.

By integrating Chipolo technology, Ekster cards work effortlessly with the Chipolo app and all Ekster card users are included in Chipolo’s Community. This means that regular Chipolo users also scan (find) lost Ekster Cards and vice versa. 

The collaboration continues to thrive by optimizing existing solutions, along with designing new product solutions for Ekster’s portfolio.

Ekster Key Holder & Key Tracker

After the success of the trackable wallet, user feedback quickly revealed that Ekster’s users were in need of solutions for different situations, which is why Ekster already released its trackable Key Holder and Key Tracker that will work with the Chipolo app.

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