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Chipolo CARD wallet finder for Android users

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Are you the forgetful type that can never find their wallet?

You need the Chipolo CARD wallet finder!

The Chipolo CARD works directly with the Chipolo app so you can use it on Android phones as well as iPhones. And it comes with a bunch of features that can help you before you ever leave your wallet behind.

CARD Point 2 CARD Point 2

You can enable the Out of Range Alerts and get a notification on your phone when you leave without your wallet.

The Chipolo app checks its connection to the Chipolo wallet tracker regularly and as soon as the wallet finder and the Chipolo app on your phone lose their connection, you get an alert on your phone to let you know your wallet is no longer with you.

If your wallet is still in range and you’ve misplaced it somewhere nearby, no problem. You can ring your missing wallet from your phone. Open the Chipolo app, tap the Ring button and your wallet tracker will start ringing.

If you need some help finding your wallet, share the Chipolo CARD with your family! You can each set up a Chipolo account on your phone and then share the Chipolo CARD through the app.

The next time you can’t find it, just check the Chipolo app and it will show who the wallet locator was connected to last, and where. They can even ring it to make sure it’s really there! It doesn’t even matter if one of you uses an iPhone and the other one has an Android phone – the Chipolo app will work on both!

Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 2 2 Meet Chipolo Point finders blog 2 2

And the best thing is, it works both ways! If you’re the extra forgetful type that looks for their phone too, you can ring your phone with the Chipolo CARD. Just double press the Bluetooth tracker and make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

Looking for something that works with the Apple Find My app instead?

Check out the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder!

The extra slim Bluetooth tracker is shaped like a credit card and will fit even the smallest credit card wallet.

The Spot wallet tracker works exclusively with the Apple Find My app and all its features.

Chipolo card spot wallet tracker apple find my app Chipolo card spot wallet tracker apple find my app

You can make your Chipolo CARD Spot play a sound, check the last known location on the map in the Find My app, and set up notifications that will let you know when you leave your wallet behind or when it is found by the Apple Find My network.

Android or iPhone wallet tracker?

Chipolo has them all!

Both the Chipolo CARD (for Android) and the Chipolo CARD Spot (for iPhones) are loud, water-resistant, extremely thin, and packed with extra features.

So the only real question is do you need one that will work on your iPhone, or are you looking for something that will work with an Android phone too?

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