Chipolo With Voice Control On Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Just say what you’re looking for and Chipolo will find it for you.

Use your smart speaker to find your keys with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Or install the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa app on your phone and simply tell your phone what you’re looking for. 

Hey Google, find my keys.

 On your way out and you have no idea where your keys are again? No problem, you can find your lost keys with a simple voice command, right from where you're standing. 

No need to rummage through your home, checking all the usual spots you think they could be hiding; just tell your keys to stop hiding. 

Alexa, ask Chipolo to find my phone.

Alexa, ask Chipolo to find my phone

A simple and affordable solution to an everyday problem. 

You don’t even need a smart speaker, just download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and voice command your phone to find your missing items. All you need is a Chipolo and the Amazon app!

You can make your missing keys ring, find your lost phone, or get the location where they were last seen by the Chipolo app.

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Set up Chipolo on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

You can enable Chipolo manually in the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa app on your phone, or use voice commands on your smart speaker and have your voice assistant enable Chipolo for you.

More on how to set up Chipolo on Google Assistant

More on how to set up Chipolo on Amazon Alexa 

Multiple users enabled

Amazon Alexa supports up to 2 accounts with voice recognition and Google Assistant can differentiate users by their voices. This means that your voice assistant will always know whose keys to find.

What can my voice assistant do with Chipolo?

Start your question with the activation command the device uses. For Alexa, say ‘Alexa’ and for Google Home say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’, then ask them to ring the item attached to your Chipolo.

Ring your keys, wallet or just Chipolo

Find my keys

 “Hey Google, find my keys”

Find my wallet

“Alexa, ask Chipolo to find my wallet”

Find my Chipolo

“Hey Google, look for my car keys”

Find my bag

“Alexa, ask Chipolo to ring my bag”

Check the last known location of your lost belongings

Find my keys

“Alexa, ask Chipolo where my keys are”

Find my wallet

“Alexa, ask Chipolo where I left my wallet”

Just say it and find it. Now all you have to think about is what you’ll do with those extra minutes you’ll spare every day, not looking for your things.

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