5 Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Gift

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‘Oh, I don’t need anything.’ The dreaded words we’ve all heard before. Finding the perfect gift can be hard, especially if the person it’s for is not exactly an open book.

It’s always nice to hear that your loved ones already have everything they need. But if you have no idea what to get them for the holidays, this statement can present a problem.

To help with your gift-giving stress this year, here’s 5 simple steps that will help you find a great gift for everyone around you.

1. What’s your budget?

An expensive gift doesn’t always mean a good gift.

Decide what budget you’re comfortable with and work with that. There are many affordable things out there that make a great gift your loved ones will appreciate.

2. What is this person interested in?

Make a list.

Think about their personality and their interests. Would you say that they are elegant, gentle, energetic, eccentric, or traditional? Would they appreciate something practical or something decorative? Do they enjoy vibrant colors or maybe hues that are more subdued?

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3. Personalize your gift

Think about the circumstances the person is in right now and create a care package for them.

Are they just starting school? A new job? Did they recently move? Are they planning a trip? Are they passionate about anything? Put together a care package of things that will help them in their activities or one that will allow them to indulge a little.

4. Make the gift itself an event

Go wild with your wrapping.

Instead of just giving them the gift in a decorative bag or wrapped in nice paper, make the unwrapping an experience. Make multiple small gifts and mark them to be unwrapped in a certain order. Make it funny.

Add a small little detail, completely opposite to what they would expect, or make the whole present ridiculous. A few pounds of their favorite fruit should do the trick.

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5. Make it taste good

If all else fails, remember that you can’t go wrong with a delicious homemade treat.

Put some effort into it and prepare something they wouldn’t normally make themselves. Do you have a cake recipe you always wanted to try out, but it takes some effort to make? Now’s the perfect opportunity!

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