A Gift For People Who Lose Everything

Losing things is a problem that most of us face every day, but there are some people that take losing things to a whole new level. 

They might lock themselves out of the apartment more than a normal person would. Or maybe they're always looking for their TV remote, even though they just used it to change the channel. Sometimes it's not even their fault, maybe their child is playing hide & seek with their car keys.

A recent study suggests forgetful people are actually highly intelligent, but that doesn’t mean their short memory span isn’t frustrating, both to them and to those around them.

Do you have someone in your life that is always forgetting things?

Everyone has that one parent/spouse/child/friend in their life that can never keep track of their belongings. If their daily mantra is “Where did I put my…”, you know they need some help.

We all have that one friend who loses their things more often than you change your T-shirts.

The internet is full of great ideas about how you can get organized or develop habits to help you fix your chaotic ways, but these only help if we also practice mindfulness 24/7 (not something a lot of us can do, to be honest). 

If you're wondering what to give someone who loses everything, there's a simple solution - a gift even the most forgetful people who lose everything will be able to keep track of!

Smart item finders save precious minutes and bring peace of mind

Instead of trying to change them, you can help them change the process instead. 

If you know someone who is always losing their wallet, don't try to help them with tips or tricks that work for you. 

You’ll never be able to help them end the search, but you can help simplify it and save them precious minutes when they need them most.

Help the people in your life who lose things with Chipolo item finders

These smart finders are designed specifically to help forgetful people find their lost and misplaced things the easy way.

Chipolo finders will help your loved ones keep track of everything important —their keys, wallet, phone, TV remote, and even their pets.

It doesn’t matter if they lose just that one thing or everything they touch, Chipolo has a few different combinations that will satisfy even the most forgetful people.

And as a bonus, you can help them out by sharing their Chipolo on your phone too so that when it’s time to search, you can join in on the hunt!

The only question left is - What are you going to do with all that time you’ve just saved?

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