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Reuse, resell, recycle... Just don't throw it away!

April 21, 2017

They say every little bit helps, and we’re sticking to it and doing our best to minimize our waste. The Chipolo may be the size of a coin, but it can still end up in the trash and we don’t want you throwing the Chipolo away any more than you do.


Which Chipolo to choose?

We made our devices as durable as possible and each one with the idea of reuse or recycle in mind.

Chipolo Classic and our older model, Chipolo ‘shake and find’ both have a replaceable battery, so you can reuse them for as long as you like. Chipolo Plus is water resistant, which means the battery cannot be replaced. Instead, we’ll replace the whole Chipolo when the battery dies out, through the Chipolo renewal program. You’ll be able to buy a new one at half the price and your new Chipolo will arrive with a return envelope, so you can send us your old Chipolo for recycling.


Why not regift or resell?

Think you’ll be able to remember where your stuff is on your own? We applaud your courage and suggest you regift or resell your Chipolo. All Chipolos can be removed from any Chipolo account and connected to a completely new user. It doesn’t matter who the previous owner is, or what their location or telephone number are. All the new owner needs is a working battery, and they’re one Chipolo beep away from tracking their belongings with a Chipolo that already proved its worth. Why not give our Customer Support a call? They can easily guide you through the set-up process and explain how to use the Chipolo.

We’ll even welcome any Chipolo you send back to our company (working or not)! Our team never runs out of testing and development ideas for those.


Reuse, regift, resell or recycle, we’ve got you covered.