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Always looking for your cat?

Attach Chipolo to your cat’s
collar and find them with your phone.

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Chipolo ONE

Pet edition

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Chipolo ONE - Pet edition

Perfect for finding your cat that is hiding around the house. Use the Chipolo app on your phone to ring the Chipolo on your cat’s collar. You can customize the finder with your cat’s name or even phone number in case they really get lost.


  • RING CHIPOLO - Ring Chipolo from the Chipolo app on your phone.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE - Ring your phone by double clicking the Chipolo.
  • LAST KNOWN LOCATION - Track your item to where you last had it via the Chipolo app.
  • OUT OF RANGE ALERTS - Receive a notification from the app when you leave your item behind.
  • SHARING – You can share your Chipolo with your loved ones to help each other find your misplaced items.
  • COMMUNITY SEARCH - Mark your item as lost in the app. When any Chipolo user comes near your item, you will receive an updated location.
  • VOICE CONTROL – Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.
  • CHANGE RINGTONE – You can change the ringtone of your Chipolo.
  • WIDGET – You can ring Chipolo from your phone's home screen, without opening the app.
  • SELFIE – Use Chipolo as a wireless shutter of your phone's camera.


1,49 in x 0,25 in (37,9 mm x 6,4 mm)


200 ft - line of sight (60 m)


splash proof (IPX5 Standard)


Standard replaceable battery - CR 2032. Lasts up to 2 years. 


Compatible with iOS 11 and later, and devices running Android 5 and later. 

See full list of officially supported devices.


Each Chipolo is packed individually.

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Color - White

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Where is your cat hiding?

Cats are true ninjas when it comes to finding tight dark spaces in our homes that even we didn’t know exist.

Finding your cat has never been easier.

With a Chipolo on their collar, you can see if they’re near or ring the Chipolo to discover their hiding spot in the phone app.

How to find a hiding pet


Chipolo to your pet’s collar


Chipolo from the Chipolo app


your hiding pet

  • “I rang the Chipolo and could hear it clearly. I slowly approached the sound, and found Dibby hiding under and a pile of sticks and leaves.”


  • “To be sure that she is doing fine, we ring the Chipolo on her collar, rather than searching the whole house/area. We and Flora feel more free while using Chipolo for sure.”


  • “Chipolo has been handy in giving Chessie a “ring” to find out exactly where she’s hiding or sleeping! We love how subtle it is, it’s small and compact.”


Chipolo ONE

Find your cat with your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pets is Chipolo suitable for?

Chipolo is a Bluetooth tracker that uses your phone’s Bluetooth signal to connect. The connection range is limited to up to 200 feet / 60 meters, so it is more suitable for keeping an eye on smaller, indoor pets hiding and sleeping in or around the house.

Is Chipolo ONE water-resistant?

Yes, Chipolo ONE is IPX5 water-resistant. This means it can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet sprays. Simply put, if your pet gets splashed, Chipolo will be just fine - they just can’t go swimming wearing a Chipolo.

How is this different from a GPS tracker?

GPS trackers have an unlimited range and enable live tracking at all times, while Bluetooth finders depend on the Bluetooth range which is about 200 feet (60m). GPS trackers are more expensive and have a shorter battery life than Bluetooth trackers. Therefore, GPS trackers are more suitable for tracking of children, cars, bikes, pets who tend to run away, while Bluetooth trackers work better for finding misplaced items like keys, wallets, backpacks and also for pets that tend to move only around the house.

What is the range of Chipolo?

Chipolo works by connecting to the Bluetooth signal on your phone. Chipolo’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 200 ft (60 m) when there is a clear line of sight from your phone to the Chipolo.