Want to track
your phone?

Try the FREE Chipolo app and find

your phone in seconds.

How to find your
lost phone?

Add the Chipolo app to your phone
and sign into the Chipolo web app
to locate your phone or tablet on a map.
You can ring your phone even if it’s on
silent or have it display a custom
message on its locked screen for
whoever finds your phone.

Losing your keys
and wallet too?

Get a Chipolo Bluetooth tracker!
The Chipolo app is not just for phone
tracking, it can also connect to smart
Bluetooth tag, called Chipolo and help
you keep track of your keys and wallet.

Help others find
lost keys and

With the Chipolo app on your phone
you are part of the Chipolo Lost & Found
community, helping others find their
lost things anonymously.

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