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Safy X Chipolo – The smart anti-theft travel bag

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Summertime is travel time and besides the weather, safety is one of our main concerns while we travel. Popular tourist destinations are full of amazing sights, you really shouldn’t miss, but with bigger tourist crowds come more pickpockets too.

So we teamed up with Safy, a company with a passion for design and technology to create a lightweight and stylish anti-theft travel bag.

What does anti-theft mean?

Anti-theft bags or backpacks that are sometimes also called theft proof or anti-slash, have built-in safety features that will stop pickpockets from stealing your valuable personal belongings while you’re not paying attention.

Anti-theft bag features

Adjustable, slash-proof straps

An anti-theft bag strap should be adjustable, so you can wear it cross-body and in front (more difficult for pickpockets to get close enough) and it should also have some metal reinforcements woven into the strap itself, so it cannot be cut and snatched.

Anti-slash material

The material of the bag itself should also be slash-resistant, so pickpockets cannot cut through

A secure lock

A secure lock and even zipper are a must, you wouldn’t want someone to simply open the bag and help themselves.

A locking mechanism

You can secure your bag to other objects when you put it down. You don’t want to hold your bag with one hand all the time while you’re having lunch or are taking a longer ride if you can simply lock it like you would a bicycle.

RFID protection

Theft doesn’t just mean physical objects, electronic readers can just as easily swipe your ID cards, e-passports or credit cards and with these, you’ll probably take a lot longer to notice that something is wrong.

Safy Anti-theft bag

Safy is the product of two people who were the unfortunate victims of pickpocketing when a thief stole their phones while they were at the beach. Their first idea was to create a portable safe, and it quickly evolved into one of the best travel anti-theft bags – without any zippers!

Safy chipolo antitheft travel bag Safy chipolo antitheft travel bag

The best choice for minimalist travellers

Safy’s design is sleek and minimal, so it will suit any style – And with a simple change, the bag can go from casual daytime to fashion-conscious within a minute.

You can create your own custom Safy lid to replace the usual one. Personalize the lid of your bag to match your style without compromising your safety while you travel.

All the features of a great anti-theft bag + Chipolo tracking technology

Safy anti theft bag chipolo 2 Safy anti theft bag chipolo 2

Travel can be stressful even when we enjoy ourselves, so Safy has an additional welcome feature - Chipolo tracking technology! If you ever leave your bag behind or you're not sure it's somewhere nearby, no need to stress, you can just check your phone and know right away.

You can support Safy on Kickstarter here.

Enjoy your holiday!

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