Need a phone tracker?

Try FREE Chipolo App
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How to find a lost phone:

1. If your phone goes missing, Chipolo app can help you find it. Simply sign in to Chipolo web app to locate phone, iPad or Android tablet on a map.

2. You can use Chipolo phone locator app to ring your phone even if it's on silent.

3. You can also send a message with your contact info that will appear on its locked screen. Whoever finds your phone will be able to contact you.

*For phone tracking to work, the GPS on your phone must be turned on and the Chipolo App must be running in the background of your phone.

More than a phone tracker.

The Chipolo App installed on your device can turn any phone or tablet into a virtual Chipolo (tracker). Download the Chipolo app on all device and use the app on your phone to find your tablet. Or vice versa.

And the best of all, it works cross-platform. You can track your iPad with your Android phone. And the other way around.

Help others find their lost keys and wallets.

With Chipolo App running on your phone, you are part of the
world fastest growing lost and found network. You can help
people find their lost keys simply by having the Chipolo App
running on your phone.

If a lost item with Chipolo tracker attached comes in proximity of
your phone, the owner will be updated with the location.
How cool is that?

Having friends and family running the Chipolo App increases your options to recover your lost items with Chipolo trackers attached! It's like your own tracking network. And it's 100% private, because locations are updated anonymously.

Download FREE Chipolo phone tracker App:

Losing your keys and wallet to?
Get Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker!

Chipolo App is not just great for phone tracking, it can also be
connected with smart Bluetooth tag, called Chipolo.

How it works

Simply attach Chipolo to any item you want to track and connect it to your phone. You can ring it when it's near or locate it on a map when it's far. And if you lose it, you can activate crowd search.

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker can also be used to locate a phone by sound. Double pressing the Chipolo will make your lost phone ring.