Works with Google's Find My Device app

Chipolo ONE Point & CARD Point are made exclusively for Android devices.

Check on the location of your things at home, on holiday, or anywhere inbetween with Chipolo Point finders.

With a very loud sound and a long battery life, Point finders will help you find your things near or far with Google's Find My Device app.

Make it ring

The loud sound of the Chipolo Point will help you find your misplaced things quickly.

Find nearby

Get distance hints in the Find My Device app and pinpoint the location of your misplaced things.

Locate far away

Check the location of your things on a map with the help of Google's Find My Device network.

There’s more!


Share the Chipolo Point with your loved ones and help each other find it.

Fast Pair

Just press the button on Chipolo Point and a pop-up will guide you through the process.

Google Home

Your Nest speakers and displays can be part of your finding network.

Peace of mind

Don’t worry about your things, just check on them in Google’s Find My Device app when you feel like it.

Locate lost things

You don’t have to search alone, the Find My Device network is here to help. Android devices all over the world – like tablets, and phones – will work together to support you in finding your belongings.

Find misplaced items

Ring your Chipolo to find your things with ease, whether they’re hiding under the picnic blanket - or they’ve been in your bag this whole time.