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We Are Announcing the Launch of Two New Products in 2017

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This year is going to be super exciting! We are announcing the launch of two new products at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Card are the World’s Tiniest and Thinnest Bluetooth trackers!

Being smaller and thinner than any competitor on the market, Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Card minimize the bulky feel of Bluetooth trackers and help people keep tabs on compact items like glasses or a wallet.

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At about the size of a paper clip, Chipolo Sticker is the world’s smallest wireless tracking device. It is perfect for users who want to track items that have a small surface area and can’t easily attach to a traditional Bluetooth tracker, like a pair of glasses, a remote or headphones. While Chipolo Sticker is 63% smaller than its predecessor, the Chipolo Plus, its 85-decibel melody still packs a punch. Chipolo Sticker is the first tracking device with built-in wireless charging capabilities powered by Energous Corporation’s WattUp* technology. WattUp is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF)-based charging solution that provides over-the-air power to quickly charge Chipolo Sticker.

Update: The Chipolo Sticker is currently not available for purchase due to the limitations and high cost of the current recharging technology available.

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Chipolo Card is the world’s thinnest battery-powered tracking device, which is 28% slimmer than competitor Tile Slim. It has a 95-decibel volume and is designed to seamelessly attach to a student ID, passport or fit in your wallet. Its non-replaceable battery lasts 12 months, and after that time, users can replace the Chipolo Card with a new Chipolo at a 50% discount.

Chipolo Card is available in our online shop!

New Shapes, Same Mission

The Card will join Classic and Plus on a mission to help you find the things you care about really quick and easy. The new tracker will again pair with the Chipolo app, which is available on iOS and Android.

When you misplace an item that is synced with Chipolo, the app can play a loud melody to guide you to the missing item as long as you are within 200 feet (60 m) of it. If the item is out of Bluetooth range, the Last Known Location feature on the app displays where it was last seen.

If a Chipolo is marked as lost and someone in the Chipolo Lost & Found Community comes within range, the owner is notified of its new location on their phone.

We're so excited for you to try and fall in love with our new products! We designed them with your wishes in mind to help you find even the smallest and thinnest items you care about.

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