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The Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot helps Pilot Pete find his licence before his flight

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Pete, a pilot and tech reviewer, visited us at CES 2024 where we were introducing the Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot and he ended up testing it in a way none of us could have anticipated.

He put his review sample of the Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot into his wallet, which turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

His lost & found story starts at the airport security line in Mumbai, India. There he was just a regular passenger in the security check line and had to take everything out of his bags for inspection, or as Pete put it: “In Mumbai, everything comes out of your bag except for your clothes.

Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot finds a pilots licence Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot finds a pilots licence

The Perfectly Imperfect CARD SPOT for Apple Find My app

This might not be such a problem for a regular person, but if you’re a tech reviewer with all your podcasting equipment, the unpacking and repacking is quite the project.

Of course, he wasn't the only person in line, so once he was approved, he hurried to repack his gear and clear the way for the passengers behind him.

Even in a hurry, Pete made sure to stick his passport in his breast pocket, since he needed to show that again at the gate. But the rest of his stuff, including his wallet with his pilot's license and his medical papers that allow him to fly legally all over the world, he just stuck in his suitcase to deal with later on the plane.

Once on the plane, he started organizing his gear, but couldn’t find his wallet anywhere.

His first thought was “Did I leave it at security? I’m going to have to get off this plane.”

The flight he was piloting from Dubai the next day would land in Singapore and he had no intention of getting ramp checked without his license and “…hauled off to the hokey pokei.”

At the last minute, Pete remembered the special edition CARD Spot he was testing in his wallet, so he pulled up his phone, rang it, and heard it playing the ringtone from his bag.

“Ah it's in my bag somewhere, I'm good to go.”, so he sat back down and dug it out when they landed in Dubai.

He finished his story by saying that the Chipolo is a “Great piece of tech! Thank you.

Listen to Pete’s story firsthand on the Mac Geek Gab podcast on YouTube.

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