Save Precious Minutes With Chipolo Key Finders

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Is one of your daily routines going back to pick up things that you forgot to take with you?

Don’t worry, it turns out that leaving your keys or wallet or bag, glasses and phone behind is almost as common as actually taking everything you need with you.

The good news is that there’s a simple solution to the lost things problem that doesn’t require you to retrain your brain or develop new habits.

Chipolo key phone finder red replaceable battery Chipolo key phone finder red replaceable battery

You just need a smartphone and a Chipolo finder. Once you connect the two, you can use your phone to make the Chipolo (and anything attached to it) ring with a few simple taps.

And if you can’t find your phone, you can just double-click the Chipolo to make it ring, even if it’s on silent.

Are you’re a sleep-deprived parent who’s always looking for their car keys?

The Chipolo can’t help you find sleep, but it can help you gain a few precious minutes in the morning that you would otherwise spend looking for your car keys.

Chipolo key phone finder yellow replaceable battery Chipolo key phone finder yellow replaceable battery

Plus, the Chipolo ring is loud enough that you’ll be able to hear your lost car keys even from under a pile of toys.

Maybe you’re not 100% first thing in the morning and need some help making sure that you take everything you need with you?

If you need some time (or maybe a couple of cups of coffee) to get going, Chipolo can remind you not to leave your keys or wallet behind when you leave your home.

Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification

The Out of Range alerts will notify you when you leave your keys or wallet at home, so you can go back and get them before it’s too late.

Are you always leaving your wallet at home, in cafes or in stores?

The Out of Range Alerts work outside your home too!

The Chipolo app uses a combination of technologies on your phone to trigger an alert when it detects that you’re on the move and that you’ve disconnected from your Chipolo.

Chipolo key finder range alerts find my keys featured Chipolo key finder range alerts find my keys featured

And if you ever miss the Chipolo key finder alert notification, you can still mark the Chipolo attached to your keys as lost in the Chipolo app on your phone, and the entire Chipolo community will anonymously go on the lookout for your lost keys.

Or if you think you forgot your wallet at home, just share the Chipolo inside it with your family members through the Chipolo app.

Chipolo key phone finder black replaceable battery Chipolo key phone finder black replaceable battery

When one of them comes near it, they will be able to connect and make it ring, while you’ll get notified when and where it was last seen and who it was last connected to.

Save precious minutes in the morning

Most of the time you’ll grab your keys and wallet when you need to be somewhere, and you really don’t have time to look for them.

How many times have you been late because of a last-minute search for your essentials?

Page Landing App Page Landing App

With Chipolo you can just check your phone and make them ring instead of frantically looking around your home.

Keep your peace of mind

Replacing your lost keys and wallet is an expensive, stressful, and time-consuming process that nobody wants to go through.

Instead of relying on your memory and hoping for the best, give yourself peace of mind and attach a Chipolo finder to your most important personal belongings instead.

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