Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker Collaboration

Orbitkey is designing products for better organisation of everyday items, especially key organizers. 

Orbitkey wanted to create a tracker that would fit their key organizers, so they reached out to Chipolo. 

Misplacing keys is one of the most common everyday problems so it made sense for Orbitkey to make their key organizers easy to find.

Orbitkey was interested in firmware integration, but also needed help developing their own hardware. 

Chipolo’s team of experts helped them design the most optimal hardware to fit their key organizer and prepare everything for the firmware integration by sharing good practices from their own experiences. 

This resulted in a much faster development process for Orbitkey. The final step was to integrate Chipolo firmware into the chipset, which made their key tracker compatible with the Chipolo app.

The result of this successful collaboration is the Chipolo x Orbitkey tracker that allowed Orbitkey to expand its product line in a very short time. 

Now their customers can make all their key organizers easy to find by adding the Chipolo x Orbitkey tracker that perfectly fits the Orbitkey Key organizer.

Read more: Orbitkey press release about the new Orbitkey X Chipolo tracker

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